C6 Med specializes in creating opportunities for pharmaceutical leaders to actively engage Medical Experts in rich, meaningful discussions that are relevant to the science, the brand and the company.

We are a boutique medical education and communication company by design, with a large-scale reputation for quality and reliability. The long-standing partnerships C6 Med has with pharmaceuticals clients is a testament to the value, experience and passion we bring to each project.
Since 2008, the C6 Med team has been collaborating with medical, commercial and new product teams on Medical Expert focused projects. Our offerings include:C6 Med understands the process and regulations that govern pharmaceutical interactions with external stakeholders. Within that framework, the C6 Med team is dedicated to creating a personalized, enjoyable experience for each program attendee and content contributor. If you’re looking for a fun, fresh approach to your next medical education project, please reach out – let’s make it happen! Marcy Duval
Owner, Managing Director
P: +1 646 239 4572
E: marcy.duval@c6med.com